Saturday, 11 April 2009

Project: TrustDev

It appears that the Wii Homebrew Scene is planning to go on the offensive against pirates with Project TrustDev. I have received startling details from insiders in Team Twiizers, maintainers of the Wiibrew wiki, and several in-the-know people on EFNET.

In short, Project TrustDev will eventually make it so that only homebrew applications with a special encrypted header will be usable from other homebrew applications, including the upcoming Homebrew Channel 2.0. This will lock out frowned upon homebrew such as the various disc launchers circulating about. It will also refuse to work properly on Wiis that contain pirated WiiWare, Virtual Console games, and "Custom" IOSes that have been patched for piracy purposes.

Getting your software approved by Project TrustDev will apparently be free of charge. The requirement is that you provide your source code, of course, and then a panel reviews the code to ensure it meets various decorum requirements. It is then assigned a special encrypted header that will allow it to be executed from TrustDev homebrew.

Already there are over a dozen homebrew developers that have signed on to Project TrustDev. I have spoken to three others so far who are undecided but leaning towards signing on.

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