Friday, 10 April 2009

The beginning of the end of the Wii Scene

I have decided to open up a public blog due to the recent developments of the Wii homebrew scene.

I have just been informed by several people including one Team Twiizers member that in addition to
Marcan, Bushing is leaving the scene. I have been told that BootMii has been cancelled. Here are some excerpts from the IRC conversation with nicknames edited:

[04:22] basically, the priv twiizer chan erupted into a pot of rage and it ended with the source code to bootmii being deleted
[04:24] So they really took offense to Brakken's posting on Teh Skeen?
[04:26] well its not just about that but yeah thats the match that lit the firecracker stack basically
[04:27] someone (i dont really wanna say who) said they are sick of coding just so leeches can take take take their hard work

This marks the beginning of the end of what was a great thing, the Wii Homebrew scene. I will post more later as I interview more of my sources.


  1. I can confirm this 100%

  2. I look forward to learning more. Thank you for filling the rest of us in.


  3. ppff the scene was and will be around after any of these guys leave, where were they in the xbox sce? where were they in the gamecube scene? come on


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